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Albergrass is a young company with 100% Spanish capital, with an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, born with the challenge of being a benchmark of quality and innovation in the world of artificial Grass. For this we have the latest technology for the manufacture of artificial Grass and have a highly qualified team that combines experience and professionalism. In addition, Albergrass uses for its production excellent quality of raw materials, such as Ten Cate Thiolon ® fibers and the first backing Ten Cate Thiobac ®, supplied by Ten Cate, manufacturer renowned worldwide, and guarantees high quality of all our products. This coupled with our proven experience in the field of business management, ensuring a high quality product and best service for customer satisfaction.



There are people and machines. There are professionals and factory. There is service and technology

Albergrass is manufacturer. We do use the yarns, we cut them, we prepare everything, we study the kinds of sand, the way to install the grass… the whole production process of the artificial grass; from the beginning of the weaving to the finish process. Albergrass was born with this intention: to control the whole process in order to be able to guarantee the best results, to have a deep knowledge of the manufacture in order to be able to better meet the needs of our clients.
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Albergrass is a young company with a 100% Spanish capital which, with a corporate and innovative spirit, was born with the challenge of becoming a benchmark of quality and innovation in the world of artificial grass. For that reason we have the latest technology at our disposal and count on a high-qualified team which combines a lot of experience and professionalism. Moreover, Albergrass uses first-quality raw materials to make the artificial grass, like the fibres Ten Cate Thiolon® and the first backing Ten Cate Thiobac®, supplied by Ten Cate, a manufacturer known worldwide, guaranteeing the highest quality of our products. We use the best raw materials because we manufacture the best grass. We manufacture the best grass because we give the best guarantee. We give the best guarantee because we want to have satisfied clients.
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The few things you should know about its maintenance

Relax. Enjoy.

Once you have installed your Albergrass turf, your worries and work will disappear. From then on, you will always have an evergreen garden with very little effort.

Small things that will help you to have always a splendid garden.

In the driest seasons, if your artificial grass does not show the brightness and colour which characterize it, it could be due to dust accumulation. Some water will give it back its original brightness and colour.

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If leaves fall on your Albergrass turf, you should act as in any other garden using a rake to pick up the leaves. It is better if you do it with a plastic rake. If you prune your trees, it is advisable to spread out a sheet of plastic under the trees and bushes in order to avoid the raking afterwards.

If your artificial grass has lost its verticality, you will only have to brush it with a long thread brush. An easy, fast and effective procedure in order to get back the best natural look of your grass.

If there is a frost, if it rains cats and dogs or if the sunshine is terrible, relax! Nothing will happen to your grass.
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In wet areas in the shade, moss or weeds could appear. It is unlikely, but it is natural. In order to avoid the appearance, spray these areas with an antiweed product diluted in water.
If you have pets, these could answer nature’s call in your garden. The advantage of Albergrass turf is that you can clean it easily using every kind of bleach, soap or detergent, provided that these are not abrasive.


The first artificial grass to be exhibited in a museum


Albergrass turf has become the first artificial grass to be exhibited in a museum. Specifically, in the MUVIM in Valencia. The MUVIM is a museum especially dedicated to the art in the Enlightenment period. Recently, the director of the museum considered the creation of an area for the visitors whose floor would be an installation of artificial grass, so, they would create a unique aesthetic experience for the visitor. The  museum contacted Albergrass  and  gave us  this
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challenge: only the company which could give the best guarantee of durability for a grass that should be able to withstand the footsteps of hundreds of people every day would install it. Albergrass got through this challenge and was chosen for the installation. At the last moment, the museum wanted to make sure that the grass would not be a risk in case of fire in the building.
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The most demanding tests of fire resistance were carried out on the grass in the museum. No problem! Even if a visitor threw a cigarette on to it (which is almost impossible because it is forbidden to smoke in the museum), Albergrass turf proved that it didn’t catch fire.

We know that we are not artists, but we are proud to be in a museum.

What every artificial grass does (including ours)

It saves water:

The artificial grass is naturally a sustainable alternative in order to have an evergreen garden in the dry climate regions. The water demand gets practically reduced to the minimum because it doesn’t need as much water as natural grass. Albergrass turf also respects the environment more (A comparison of litres of water per year in natural and artificial grass).
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Imagen de Contenido   Unchanging colour:

The appearance of natural grass suffers in extreme temperatures, both from the effects of the sun and intense heat and from the effects of frost. Artificial grass is always an intense green in every climate. Albergrass turf also gives a constant beauty to your garden.

Lower maintenance:

As it has already been pointed out, it needs less hours of irrigation for its maintenance and, obviously, you don’t need a lawnmower to keep its ideal height. This means that you spend less time working in your garden, and you don’t have to pay for a gardner. Albergrass turf takes care of your time and your money.
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What only Albergrass can do

Our compromise is not artificial 



We get involved with the care and we offer a maintenance program and periodical inspections so that your grass is always in the best condition.
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We get involved with the service and we have several types of grass in order to meet every need, as well as several installation techniques in order to guarantee the best result, it doesn’t matter if it is a decorative garden or a putting green for golf.


We get involved with the security and that’s why our grass has got through the most demanding quality controls in order to guarantee that it is suitable for every use and that it fulfills the most demanding environmental rules and the fire-resistance standards.
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We get involved with our land and for that reason we manufacture all our grass in Spain. The service to our clients is direct and close.


Some questions which can be answered with NO

How often is it necessary to mow the Albergrass turf?

It is not necessary to mow the Albergrass turf.

Does Albergrass import the grass?
No, we are manufacturers. Our grass is manufactured in Spain and that fact lets us be closer to our clients and better meet their needs.

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Can I only ask for information about the Albergrass turf through this web page?
No, we have a wide net of resellers and authorized installers. Click here to see our map of authorized installers.Imagen de Contenido

Since it is artificial, can this grass get burned?
No, the grass is fire resistant. This means, it doesn’t burn and there is no flame. Obviously, if some incandescent object falls on the grass, this small area gets burnt, but it does not spread and the flame extinguishes by itself. Imagen de Contenido

Do I have to water the grass periodically?
No. Obviouosly, one of the advantages of the Albergrass turf is that it saves a very limited good, water. You should only water it sometimes when you see that dust has deposited on the grass. Imagen de Contenido

Do I have to prevent people from walking on the grass?
No. Unlike the natural grass, where, if it is trodden a lot, it is possible that some bald patches appear, Albergrass turf can be trodden on without any problems. The best thing in order to preserve the resilience of the grass is to brush it with a long thread scrubbing brush. Imagen de Contenido

If the sunshine is very intense, does the grass get damaged? Do I have to take precautions against frost, rain or bad weather?
No. Unlike natural grass, which gets damaged by the intense sun or the frost, the Albergrass turf perfectly withstands the highest and the lowest temperatures. You can relax! Imagen de Contenido

I have a German shepherd guardog. Do I have to prevent him from treading on the garden?
No, there’s no reason to prevent pets from playing and running on the grass. However, you should prevent your dog from digging holes or eating the grass, as you would do with natural grass. Imagen de Contenido

Do you know the Sierra de Mariola?
If your answer is NO, click here. Our factory is located in Banyeres de Mariola. We are closed during the days in which we celebrate our Fiestas de Moros y Cristianos (Moors and Christians). Do you want to know more about our Fiestas? 


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