ALECOCONSULT INTERNACIONAL S.A. -  We are the LEADING company in  handling Biological proposals for the Agricultural production and Gardening within an ecological and organic manner. Our company with international projection offers unique alternatives for the handling of agriculture and gardening ...




Our Products 


Fertilizers- Liquid or solid substance of vegetal origin, used to enrich the ground and to obtain a vegetal nutrition balanced to favor the growth and to achieve a good performance...

Peats and Substrates- Solid substance of vegetal origen that is used in seed plots and breeding grounds for the reproduction of plants through seeds and cuttings. This medium produced in...


Trays and Flowerpots - Products for the production and reproduction of uniform plants like vegetables, flowers , forest plants, fruit and ornamental plants in breeding grounds and seed plots...


Nuestros Productos


Semillas - Frutos de la polinización de flores. Las semillas se usan para producción y reproducción de plantas en viveros y semilleros. El uso de semillas orgánicas certificadas... ver mas

Aplicaciones fitosanitarios

Productos Fitosanitarios - Productos líquidos de orígen vegetal para el control fitosanitario contra insectos daninos, hongos patógenos, bacterias, etc.. Debido a la ausencia de residualidad... ver mas

plastico organico

Plásticos Orgánicos -  Productos sólidos de orígen vegetal, fabricados a base de almidón de papa, trigo y maíz. En comparación a los convencionales de polietileno, el proceso de la biodegradación... ver mas


Our Company


We are the LEADING company in  handling Biological proposals for the Agricultural production and Gardening within an ecological and organic manner. Our company with international projection offers unique alternatives for the handling of agriculture and gardening.


To protect the Environment that forms the core of the production of our foods and to fortify awareness and consciousness of the agriculturists who ahieve this with the responsibility of a more a cleaner production.


In Alecoconsult Internacional S.A. we have, along with our clients, the commitment to create an agricultural production thats cleaner and harmonic with the environment, offering natural products created with the highest technology and  investigations with biotechnologics . We total confidense that every year more agriculturists and gardeners take advantage of our experiences and knowledge to gain the recognition and prestige.







Products & Services



Products: Turba and susters, Vassar and containers, semence, fertilizers, fittosanitari, organic plastic.


Turba and substrates: The crowd, also known as peat moss, is an organic material is compact, light brown to dark, rich in carbon. Created in the swamps of the northern regions, with a spongy mass in the light Quall, still like getting the plant components that originated the year.
They can be classified into two groups, black peat, blond. The peat at a higher content of organic matter and less decomposed. The black peat is more mineralized, having a lower content in the area.

The peat is naturally acidic (pH 3.5 to 4.0), form the primary basis for the production of substrates for professionals.


Vass and containers: The containers containing the cavity necessary for the reproduction of plants through seeds, for example, vegetables, flowers, ornamental plants and forest plants.
The vessel is a larger container and is used for the production of flowers and ornamental plants in nurseries. The material contains contenittori poliestireno hard and it comes from polyethylene. This material contains 50% of the original plastic and the remaining 50% recycled plastic. Giving a part of a major contribution to reducing environmental pollution, but also helps reduce the cost of production.


Certified eco Semence: Lettuce, for open field and greenhouses, spinach, endive, cucumbers, peppers, zucchini, beets, radishes, celery, carrots, dossiers, tomatoes, meclizine, cabbage, herbs and aromatics.

Nutrients: It’s possible to make the plant nutrition (fertilize) with solid and liquid fertilizers in the form radicular (plants assimilate nutrients through their root system) or as a foliar fertilizer (liquid through the leaves).
We distinguish between the main nutrients nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium on the one hand and minor nutrients are magnesium, iron, calcium, zinc, boron, manganese, copper, etc..

Each nutrient has a special role in the body of the plant.
Nutrient deficiencies are manifested in the appearance of leaves:


Plant protection products: Definition of Plant Protection Products.
As the name suggests, plant protection products are tools that are used to maintain the good health of plants and crops. These tools consist of chemicals, natural or synthetic, which help control diseases, insects and weeds that attack and destroy plants and crops. Plant protection products also known as pesticides or pesticides.
In our case, working in favor of life without polluting products are advised to apply crop protection for the following groups of plant protection products:



Plastics-organic: solids of vegetable origin, based on potato starch, wheat and corn to one side. on the other hand, based on viscose and cellulose. The biodegradation process begins, depending on temperature, relative humidity and microbial since implementation. Time of biodegradation (conversion to CO2 and H2O) completely depends on the thickness of the plastic. The conventional non-biodegradable plastics based on polyethylene generate a high level of residual contamination.



THE BIO PLASTIC born from maize.







ECONEXOS - Developments for the future.
In collaboration with ECONEX - Ecological connection, offers workshops and seminars on Ecological Agriculture, Eco-labeling, Commercialization right, projects in the Social Ecological agriculture, etc..
ECONEX working with IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement), GALC (Group of Latin American and Caribbean IFOAM) and IOA (International Organic Inspector Association)







Technical consultment

A product is only as good as the support of the product. In agriculture we count on a multitude of situations and different conditions, and for the agriculturist often it is difficult to make the suitable decision.

Alecoconsult International offers free technical consultment through e-mail or in messenger. There also exists the possibility of contracting an agronomist engineer of a company that is available and willing to  travel and offer this service in the place that the client solicits.

For more information, please send us your request through our contact form.


Trainings by seminars always have a very positive effect. The dynamics of the group allows the traninings to be successfull.  For more information, please send us your request through our contact form or the information of other participants in ECONEXOS.

A new tool for training online is the Internet portal ofemagister groups. This portal is classified by headings; in our case we participate with a platform that´s called “Breeding grounds and reproduction of plants”. Interest is growing continuously among people about this subject. This platform gives the opportunity to make consultations, to give opinions on subjects and to participate in each activity that is offered.


Events are important to appear in international scenes and to have the opportunity to meet the clients personally.


Alecoconsult International is present in Facebook!  There you can find a network of people and companies related to agriculture, organic gardening, nonresidual , healthy life, ecotourism, natural medicine, healthy eating, etc. If you have interest in forming apart of this group of friends and associates, you can easily enter through our page… see  more => logo facebook 





Ecological Containers and Vassars



Representations in the Middle East




Tel: (0034) 605079405
Adress: 115 Street, 9, Maadi, Cairo, Egypt


Germinatores, Trays, Seeds, Bioplastics, Fertilisers and Fitosanitarian Products.

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