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The successful cultivation of plants by our clients is our standard of quality. This concept of quality is not only reflected in raw materials of high quality, additives and properties of the general product but also a customized service with general advice and matters of logistic. Enjoying the confidence our clients is very important to us. The closeness to our clients, the best quality of the raw materials, the innovating production, an optimal  logistic, a "high compatibility with the environment" are not only words but  comprises of a good service.

Apart from the mentioned points we offer through collaborating companies the following services:

  1. Grounds and Waters Analysis
  2. Technical consultantment
  3. Trainings, Workshops and Seminars
  4. Maintenance of Green Areas



Grounds and Waters Analysis


Maser ltda.

MASER Ltda. is a company founded in 1989 and dedicated to the provision of sampling equipment, analysis and pursuit in the field and laboratory.  The work group is conformed of qualified professionals trained in different areas to solve the restlessness concerns of our clients.

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Technical consultant's office


For Alecoconsult International it is important that a good product can only be as good as its technical support that forms a very important part of the section “SERVICES”.

The ALECO group counts on  Agronomists Engineers qualified to take care of situations or make  difficult  decisions for their clients in the field. The client receives an answer immediate (at the time of the appointment) or through telephone or email the following day, according to the availability of the technical adviser. A good form to ask for technical consultment is for the client to send an email in which the client describes the situation of its crop using images if possible . We receive the message and analyze it  in detail.

To make a request, doubts, questions, congratulations or complaints, please send us a messageclicking here. You´ll receive a responce a soon as possible.


ECONEXOS - Development for the future


logo_econexosIn cooperation with Econexos-Ecological Connection offers trainings and seminaries on Ecological Agriculture, Ecological Certification, Justified Commerce, Social Projects in Ecological Agriculture, etc. 

Econexos works with IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements), GALCI (Latin America group and the Caribbean of IFOAM) and IOIA (International Organic Inspector Association).

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Email: (Carlos Escobar  - General Manager)


Maintenance for green areas


Maintenance for Palm trees

Our company offers a special service to our clients in the tropical and subtropical regions: The PALM TREE maintenance. The palm tree generally has a certain life span but thanks to a good maintenance its life span can be prolonged by many years. The trunk of the palm tree has several vegetal layers, similar to the annual rings that appear in trees. These vegetal layers have a heavy structure that allow bacteria, fungi and smaller animals to occupy this space. Pruning palm trees, the heat and the humidity cause an acceleration of the composting process that diminishes the stability of the palm tree. We recommended cleaning the trunks, cutting leaves and dry fruits so that animal like mice, rats and diverse birds can´t cause any annoyances. With a “bicycle”, a patented metallic ring allows the ascent of the trunk without causing any damage.

After pruning you can apply a circular treatment with the nonresidual fertilizer “Nitrogen-FIX” that guarantees a balanced vegetal nutrition with a fast recovery. The trunk recently cleaned can be disinfected with completely ecological phytosanitary product, “Biolux New”. Our team, with more than 17 years of experience, is insured in case of accidents and works in all the Iberian Peninsula since 1989. In Addition we offer services in prunings and cleaning for any type of tree or shrub.


  • City council of Roquetas de Mar (Almeria)
  • City council of Arbolea (Almeria)
  • City council of Makael (Almeria)
  • City council of Almuñecar (Granada)
  • City council of Malaga (Malaga)
  • Companies of Maintenance for Green Zones of Malaga (Malaga)
  • Hotel RIU in Gran Canary and Fuerteventura (Canary)
  • Hotel RIU in Mallorca (the Balearics)
  • Hotel Robinson Club in Fuerteventura (Canary)
  • Hotel Roman Bridge in Marbella (Malaga)
  • Sport port Banus Port (Malaga)
  • Construction companies and Real estate in the Costa del Sol
  • Famous individuals: Antonio Flags, King Fahd de Saudi Arabia

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