Quality Control


At El Clarin, we understand that a commitment to quality is the only way to ensure a satisfied customer.  The success of our company has, and will continue, to depend on the continuous improvement of our products and services.

In order to maintain our obligation to quality our company uses both internal and external auditors to constantly assess both our business practices and production site.  We have our own Quality Control department that works in conjunction with our Laboratory team. Externally we have been certified by ISO since 2004 along with HACCP controls that are assessed and monitored by the government Department of Health.


In El Clarin, quality is the key to our business and all of our resources must be focused on the achievement of quality in order to be successful.

In our organization quality is:

  • Satisfy the necessities and expectations of our clients; for this, we have to learn and develop from our past experiences.
  • Complete the legal requirements, regulations, and internal guidelines that affect the quality and safety of our products.
  • Continuously improve our business and manufacturing processes for which it is necessary to keep past data and have the capacity to analyze past practices and reach conclusions that will help us to better our services in the future.
  • Execute all processes correctly the first time; it is not about ‘finding the guilty one’ but instead addressing the problem and fixing the system in order to avoid that the mistake repeats itself.
  • Quality means working as a team, with a fluid line of communication between the staff complemented by a positive work environment.  This will only be accomplished by effective coordination and collaboration between all members of the company.   


These quality and safety guidelines must be present in each and every one of the manufacturing and sales stages of our products.


Spice Industry Alerts

Quality control is essential in order to avoid costly problems with government controls and recalls.  Here you will find the latest news on notifications throughout Europe about problems related to spice imports.

Click links to view PDF files:


Alerts 10 February – 10 March 2011

Alerts 10 January – 10 February 2011

Alerts 23 December – 10 January 2011

Alerts 15 November – 22 December

Alerts 1 September – 15 November 2010

Alerts Summer 2010

Alerts January-May 2010

Week 34 2010

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